Challenges have always been part of our company’s DNA. Since 2015, ATC France has been an official partner of the vertical race up the Eiffel Tower's 1,665 steps, “La Verticale de la Tour Eiffel.” Watch the next race live on March 15, 2018 on Eurosport TV! Visit the official site for more information.

Watch the 2017 race:

March 16, 2017 – Third annual Eiffel Tower vertical race – “La Verticale de la Tour Eiffel”

FPS Towers/ATC France, co-planner and official sponsor of the iconic vertical race, has once again provided organizational and logistical support to the race with teams of volunteers.

This year, 22 women and 84 men, representing 18 countries, raced up the 1,665 steps of the Eiffel Tower.

Best times - Men:

1. Jersey #1 Piotr LOBODZINSKI (Poland) in 7:54.76

2. #11 Christian RIEDL (Germany) in 8:04.29

3. #18 Tomas CELKO (Slovakia) in 8:15.18

Best times - Women:

1. Jersey #26 - Suzy WALSHAM (Australia) in 9:34.75

2. #55 - Dominika STELMACH (Poland) in 10:27.22

3. #41 - Zuzana KRCHOVA (Slovakia) in 11:02.31

Highlights of the race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLT8tBJ2GFo


April 23, 2016 – Launch of “The TowerRun”

FPS Towers, official sponsor of the largest series of vertical runs in France, invites you to Marseille, Nantes, Lyon and Lille.

In each city, an ascent run up one of the tallest towers in each city will give you vertigo, in an exciting and dynamic atmosphere.

For more information: http://www.thetowerrun.org/fr/les-tours/marseille-marseille-provence-14


March 17, 2016 – 2nd edition of the Eiffel Tower vertical race – “La Verticale de la Tour Eiffel”

Always climbing higher, FPS Towers, an official sponsor of « la Verticale de la Tour Eiffel », donated the time of 77 team members towards the organization and logistics of this incredible event.

The race in a few figures: 1,665 steps, 73 men, 17 women et 14 countries represented.

Best times - Men:

1- Piotr LOBODZINSKI (Poland) with 7'48''77

2- Christian RIEDL (Germany) with 7'54''41

3- Mark BOURNE (Australia) with 8'11''11

Best times - Women:

1- Suzy WALSHAM (Australia) with 9'48''90

2- Dominika WISNIEWSKA-ULFIF (Poland) with 10'32''40

3- Stephanie HUCKO (USA) with 10'59''25


MAY 29, 2015 – FPS Towers races for NO FINISH LINE PARIS

On May 28th FPS Towers mobilized all its employees to take part in the 1st No Finish Line Paris race, which took place from May 28 to 31 around the Champ-de-Mars. For every kilometer run, 1€ was donated to a children fund including : La Chaine de l'Espoir, SAMU social, French Red Cross...


APRIL 25th 2015 - FPS Towers will sponsor the 1st NO FINISH LINE PARIS

FPS Towers becomes official partner of NO FINISH LINE PARIS. This uninterrupted 4 days race will be held around the Champs-de-Mars in Paris, from May 28 to 31. For every kilometer run, the race organization donates 1 € to Children & Future fund who redistributes it through concrete actions for children. 10,000 participants are expected for this 1st edition of NO FINISH LINE PARIS!



APRIL 13th 2015 - VERTICALE DE LA TOUR EIFFEL : 2015 Movies

Images : EcoTrail Organisation©

APRIL 13th 2015 - VERTICALE DE LA TOUR EIFFEL : 2015 Movies

Images : FPS Towers


MARCH 21, 2015 - VERTICALE DE LA TOUR EIFFEL : "FPS Towers Partners race"

On March 21st, FPS Towers organized its own challenge on the Eiffel Tower: the FPS Partners Race. 15 business partners of the company were invited to present their best runner to race up the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower.

The race was won by Bernard BUISSON (SPIE) with a time of 02 minutes 09 seconds.

Congratulations to Jean-Baptiste HOYAUX (Crédit Agricole), Fabrice LEVILLAIN (Bouygues Telecom), Nabil ACHEMAOUI (SFR), Vincent BOURDAIS (RESTO DU CŒUR), François CHRETIENNE (FPS TOWERS), Emilio COLLADO (GOBE-SCOPELEC), Yohann DUVAL (GRANIOU-VINCI), Arnaud HELLO (ORANGE), José-Maria JIMENEZ ALFARO (BNP PARIBAS), Nicolas LEMAIRE (AXIONE), Nicolas MALLET (ANTIN) and Stefan PIOTROWSKY (ING) for their participation.



MARCH 20, 2015 - VERTICALE DE LA TOUR EIFFEL : A success for FPS Towers

On March 20th 2015, FPS Towers co-organized the first race on France’s most famous tower. The company provided over 40 volunteers among its staff to organize the elite-race which was broadcasted live on Eurosport.

The event was a real success and the date is already set for the 2016 edition.


NOVEMBER 13, 2014 - FPS Towers partners the 1st VERTICALE DE LA TOUR EIFFEL

Challenges have always been part of the company’s DNA. FPS Towers becomes official partner and co-organizer of the stairs-race LA VERTICALE DE LA TOUR EIFFEL.

On March 20, 2015, FPS Towers will mobilize all its employees to co-organize this international event on the highest and most famous French tower. The company will provide logistical and human support for the runners all along the 1,665 stairs leading to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

FPS Towers shares the values ​​of innovation and ambition carried by La Verticale de la Tour Eiffel.

Official Website

Verticale de la Tour Eiffel 2015